Egypt - protest the murder and torture of Giulio Regeni

We ask you to protest the murder of Giulio Regeni who was brutally tortured to death. Reports state that his recovered body had bruises and abrasions all over from a brutal beating. All of his fingers had been broken, fingernails and toenails had been ripped out.

In addition to the above seven ribs were fractured, there were signs of electrocution on his genitals, and lacerations from a razor-like implement over the entire body including the soles of the feet. There were multiple stab wounds, ears cut off, cuts to the nose, extensive cigarette burns, a brain haemorrhage and extensive bruises from kicks and beatings. 

Support the call demanding that the Egytian government co-operate with an independent and impartial investigation into all instances of forced disappearances, case of torture and death is detention during January and February 2016.

Follow the link here


Picket of the Iranian Embassy

On the 1st May 2015 the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) and the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers held a picket of the Iranian embassy. The picket was held to highlight the plight of labour, trade unionist and socialist activists held in prison - simultaneous pickets where held across Europe and North America. 

Protest Disappearance of Itai Dzamara - Human Rights Defender - Zimbabwe

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers is deeply concerned with the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, a Zimbabwean activist. On Monday, 9th March 2015, Mr Dzamara is reported to have been forced into a white truck by five men and is still unaccounted for.

Mr Dzamara is a pro-democracy activist and the leader of Occupy Africa Unity Square protest group. He is known for having organised peaceful protests in Harare, Zimbabwe including previously submitting a petition to the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe calling for him to resign and allow for new elections to take place.

The Haldane Society calls on the Zimbabwean Government and relevant authorities to investigate his abduction and take appropriate steps to ensure Mr Dzamara is found at the earliest opportunity. The Government of Zimbabwe is reminded of their primary responsibility to protect human rights defenders irrespective of their political positions and is urged to take immediate and appropriate action.

We also express concern about the treatment of protestors who have been calling for Itai Dzamara to be found. The right to freedom of association is a fundamental democratic right and we strongly condemn the deployment of riot police to disperse peaceful protestors.  

We support the peaceful solidarity demonstration that will take place this Saturday, 14th March 2015 at Zimbabwe House, London and we urge the Government of Zimbabwe respond to calls for Itai Dzamara to be found.

Details for the demonstration are as follows:

Venue:                 Zimbabwe House, 429 Strand, London, WCR2 0JR. 
Time:                    2pm-6pm. 
Date:                     Saturday- 14 March 2015


Liliany Obando continues to be deprived of her freedom in arbitrary fashion even though she has completed three fifths of the sentence imposed on her and thereby has gained the right to enjoy “conditional liberty,” or parole. Yet this continues to be denied. 

The campaign in Colombia have produced the poster below which we ask for our supporters to reproduce to highlight her case.

Free Shahrokh Zamani and Reza Shahabi imprisoned trade unionists - Iran

Petition hand in - protest at the Iranian Embassy.

On February 11th protest at the Iranian Embassy to hand in petitions calling for the release of Shahrokh Zamani and Reza Shahabi imprisoned trade unionists and human rights defenders.

February 11th is the official celebration of "Revolution Day" in Iran, where the state celebrates a distorted history of the Revolution. The Iranian Revolution was made by the Iranian workers, fighting against the Shah but also against their bosses.

Their revolution has been taken away from them. This  protest is also one against the Iranian state's treatment of the labour movement that fought for freedom in 1979 and continues to fight for freedom today.

Wednesday February 11th - 5.30pm for 6pm start - Iranian Embassy 16 Prince's Gate, London, SW7 1PT


Human Rights lawyer Murad Magomedov severely beaten in Dagestan.

On the 4th February 2015 our colleague, DHRD confernce attendee and lawyer, 32-year old Murad Magomedov, was severely beaten by unknown attackers in Makhachkala.

This brutal assault occurred not far from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Dagestan, where Murad had been representing the interests of his client on a case (not related to Memorial HRC).

As Murad was leaving the building a gang of five men attacked him. Murad suffered severe head injuries and was hospitalised at the Republic’s Central Hospital. Unfortunately, due to his condition, Murad is not able to describe the details of the attack.

Memorial HRC has appealed to the Russian Commissioner for Human Rights, Ella Pamfilova, and Chairman of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov, in order to inform them about this brutal attack.

Murad, has worked with Memorial HRC since Autumn 2014. At present, in agreement with Memorial HRC, Murad is representing the interests of a number of residents of the village of Vremmeny, who suffered from illegal activity by security forces last year. He has been threatened in the past.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case when lawyers and human rights activists have become the victims of violence in Dagestan. They are often threatened, and some have been assassinated – for further information - link here.

Defending Human Rights Defenders expresses its grave concern at this physical attack on Murad Magomedov. We  believe it is linked directly to human rights work. 

Day of the Endangered Lawyer - Philippines

Lawyers all over Europe protested in Ankara, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, Bilbao, Brussels, Düsseldorf, The Hague, Istanbul, Izmir, London, Madrid, Manila, Milan, Paris, Rome and Vienna focussing on lawyers in the Philippines who are murdered and who receive death threats because they defend the rights of the poorest, and who work on cases of human rights violations. 

Protest outside Philippines Embassy London

Protest outside Philippines Embassy London

The reported total number of lawyers that have been killed after 2001 is 41, nine (22%) of whom were directly involved in handling human rights cases or issues. On top of this, 57 lawyers have been threatened, harassed, intimidated, surveilled, labelled and attacked in other forms, a sizable 43 (76%) of whom were directly involved in human rights cases or advocacies. In addition, 18 judges have been murdered since 2001. Of the known perpetrators recorded, 65% were identified to be members of the military while 20% were from the police service. More than half, however, of all attacks have no known perpetrator to date. 

Among the lawyers who have been killed recently are: Rudolfo Felicio, Noel D. Archival, John Mark Espera, Ian Vela Cruz, Jubian Achas, Sulpicio Landicho, Lazaro Gayo, Christobal Fernandez. 

Despite international pressure on the Philippine government to address the issue in the last year the situation has again deteriorated. The documented reports about the killings and attacks on Philippine lawyers and also judges show an increasing number of killings, harassments and other attacks on the profession. Only very scarcely a perpetrator is arrested and nearly never prosecuted or punished by the courts. 

For the endangered lawyers, their families, the victims of the killings and other different forms of attacks, it is unacceptable that the State does not take the full responsibility to act according to the rule of law and to make all necessary steps to fulfill its human rights obligations and legal and ethical duties. 

Four years after 30 June 2010, the day that Benigno Aquino III succeeded Gloria Arroyo as President, we have to draw the very sad conclusion that President Aquino's promises - not to tolerate extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances, and to prioritise the judicial reform and the strengthening of the judicial system - seem to have been hollow promises, as far it is shown by all the new attacks and killings that have victimized also members of the legal profession which have occurred after 2010, in the last four years. Only in the case of the murder of the judge Reynerio Estacio Senior on 28 February 2014 in Tugbungan village there was a suspected gunman arrested. This judge handled politically sensitive cases including cases about policemen and politicians.

Day of the Endangered Lawyer - Friday, 23 January 2015

2015 marks the fifth anniversary of the  Day of the Endangered Lawyer protest. 

This protest which is organised by the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (ELDH) and is supported by the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, will take place outside of Philippine Embassies and Consulates throughout Europe.

The Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2015 is prepared in close cooperation with the The National Union of Peoples' Lawyers - NUPL.

Lawyers from the Philippines will be invited and public lectures will be held.

All lawyers are requested to support these activities.

The details of the protest in London will follow in the New Year.


Release Murad Shteiwi - Human Rights Defender - Palestine

On 3rd December 2014 an Israeli Military Court sentenced Murad Shteiwi - Palestinian Human Rights Defender to 9.5 months imprisonment and a fine of 10,000NIS on charges of participating and organising demonstrations.

We call for his immediate release

Read the attached background information to Murad's case here.

For further information on Israel's arrest and detention of Palestinian human rights defenders see a report from Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and Addameer Prison Support & Human Rights Association here.

Facebook page launched.

Human Rights Defenders in many parts of the world risk their livelihoods and even their lives out of commitment to social justice. Many have been murdered, ‘disappeared,’ assaulted, persecuted or unlawfully detained for defending the rights of the oppressed. 

Protecting these defenders is a crucial challenge; one which brought together over 150 delegates to attend the Defending Human Rights Defenders Conference in London over three days in February 2012.

10th December 2014 is World Human Rights Day and therefore appropriate to launch our FB page - here


Human Rights Week - 8th December 2014

The Law Society is supporting a week long series of events to celebrate human rights.
The week commencing the 8 December will see a host of events from law firms, NGO's and academics to celebrate human rights.

A list of all the events the Law Society is supporting during this week can be found here
Please click on the event title for further information. 

Call for support - Philippines.

As the International Human Rights Day on December 10 approaches, Karapatan in the Philippines, and its network of people’s organizations, human rights defenders and peace advocates are mounting several activities and actions nationwide to highlight the continuing human rights abuses under the administration of Phil. Pres. Benigno Aquino III as a result of intensified military operations through the government’s counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan. 

We call on all our supporters to read the following attached letter and take action

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