Threats made to Human Rights Defenders

Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers expresses its solidarity with the 13 human rights defenders, including several MOVICE members, who on 4th July and again on 9th July this year received an email containing death threats. The human rights defenders named are said to be “military targets” and accused of being “guerrillas camouflaged in the roles of human rights defenders”.

Read more about the issue on the Justice for Columbia website.

An urgent letter has been sent on their behalf to Columbia's UK Ambassador Mauricio Rodriguez, Rt Hon William Hague MP, and HMA John Dew, UK Ambassador in Colombia.

In this letter we urge that the CPDH and other MOVICE leaders threatened receive the protection measures they have requested, and we urge that the threats against them be investigated. In addition, we reiterate our support for the release of Mr. David Rabelo, detained for nearly two years without being convicted of any crime. We declare that we also support the CPDH and MOVICE's work for justice for victims of human rights abuses and that we will continue to raise awareness on the abuses they face, as well as provide international accompaniment for their activities here in the UK and with our partners in Europe.