Iran – supporting workers & defending political prisoners.

In 1979 the working class overthrew the regime of the Shah. Since that time the Islamic regime that has taken power deprives people of their basic human rights such as freedom of expression, and freedom to organise politically.

Since 1979 no opposition has been tolerated – with socialist organisations and trade unionists in particular facing harassment, intimidation and imprisonment.

As a result the number of political prisoners has risen dramatically in Iran. This is particularly the case following the protest movement in the summer of 2009 where millions demonstrated the ‘election’ of Ahmedinejad. Those protests initially looked to protest a questionable election broadened out into demands for greater civil and political rights with particular demands for freedom of expression. Following these protests there was a crack down and the regime imprisoned thousands of students, workers and even children. Those imprisoned faced long sentences, brutal conditions and torture.

In addition to the crack down on civil and political rights, workers face a deteriorating economic conditions in Iran.

For the working class this means millions of families have fallen below the poverty line. Today, protests against the regime are numerous in Iran. People protest against the viciousness of the regime, and fight to gain their right to freedom of expression. There is also growing tide of militancy amongst workers as they organise themselves in independent trade unions.

Those grass roots protests are supported by the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.

We also support the thousands of political prisoners in Iran – and they need your support – they do not have a voice.