Concern over conviction of Malaysian human rights lawyer

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers is seriously concerned about the conviction of veteran human rights lawyer and Member of Parliament (MP), Karpal Singh under Malaysia’s Sedition Act of 1948 who, on 11 March 2014 was sentenced to pay a 4000 Ringgit fine.

The Haldane Society has sent letters to the Chief Justice, Attorney General, and Minister of Justice.

Special Issue Journal of Human Rights Practice on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders: free to download until 28 February 2014

Marking the 15th Anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, we are delighted to inform you of the launch of a Special Issue of the Journal of Human Rights Practice on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders:

This Special Issue has a unique focus on the issues and challenges that human rights defenders face and provides a critical analysis of protection initiatives and gaps.

In this collection of papers, practitioners and human rights defenders focus on the experiences of human rights defenders in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, Burundi, Uganda, the North Caucasus, Mesoamerica and the East and Horn of Africa. They examine the risks that human rights defenders face and discuss strategies and tactics for their protection. Specific attention is also given to the risks posed by the development of newinformation and communication technologies and to the efficacy of protection tools such as human rights awards.

As co-editors of this Special Issue we also draw attention to the need for more collaborative research on eight specific areas: the definition and use of the term ‘human rights defender’; perceptions of risk, security and protection; culture, gender and diversity (with particular emphasis on protecting women human rights defenders); the use of legal and administrative mechanisms for repression; the effectiveness of protection mechanisms; strategies and tactics for protection; fostering enabling environments for the defense of human rights; and technology and digital security.

Available to download free until 28 February 2014, the papers in this special issue are not only for academics but also of great value to human rights defenders themselves, and human rights practitioners and others who work to ensure recognition and protection of HRDs.